Render Cup info

Render cup is a world-rendering competition game.


We are trying something different from other competitions. It is called the “Render Cup” since there will be a soccer world cup coming this winter. We designed a special game where 3D artists submit work pieces and those then go for voting. There will be qualifiers (per country) + tournament (country vs country) games for the event.

How it works

  1. Upload a render of one of your finest works. Choose wisely, because it is going to compete with others until the end of the tournament!

    ONE image per artist

  2. Vote for the render that you like the most! (In the game, only the image, title of the artwork and render engine will be shown. Voters will not see the author’s identity)
    • In the qualification phase, you will vote for 2 renders from your country. At this stage only the render with the most votes will be representing its country in the next round.
    • In the tournament phase, countries will compete with each other and we will find the best 3D artist in the world.

Who can vote? Or play?

Anyone who is interested in 3D artwork can join this game!
Anyone who votes has chances to Win!
Anyone who logs into the render cup can vote and play!! Everything is free!

Sign up

If you are here for submission and play, sign up as Studio
If you are here for voting as an architect, interior designer, marketer, product designer, real estate developer, TV producer or others, sign up as Client

During Sign up - If your country is not in the search list, please contact us, we will help you as soon as possible.
Notice: You can only submit ONE render that was done in 2022. Duplicated images or same images submitted by different accounts will be disqualified.
AI generated images will be disqualified


Winners announcement: TBA

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General rules

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